Friday, 6 April 2012

The Name of the Rose Readathon

This is the weekend of Caro's The Name of the Rose Readathon, and, by glorious chance, I managed to get a hold of a copy! I'm so pleased, because as you all know, I do love a readathon! 

Because Sunday is going to be very busy, I'll be starting this at midnight GMT (technically Saturday the 7th, even if my head says it's still the 6th!) and get a little reading done tonight. I'll update on Goodreads and Twitter tonight as I shall be in bed (possibly with an energy drink), and tomorrow I'll update this post, then update through the day. 

As for my preconceptions: I have none. Not a one. I hadn't actually heard of it (a little embarrassing), and I haven't even read the back cover or anything about it (deliberately). It is absolute unknown territory!  I only went with this because I thought it would be something fun to do with Caro! 

So, as ever, most recent updates at the top. And, as I say, if you want to see how far I get tonight check me on  Twitter  or  Goodreads.


20:09 - Finished! Immensely readable! Shall review in the next few days :)

19:14 - Finished "Sixth Day", ready to start "Seventh". This is the final leg....

18:17 - Just starting "Sixth Day", and, non-book related, I nearly set my slippers on fire! Sat with my feet far too close to the heater and noticed an odd smell. Looked down and my slippers were smoking! Aside from that, still loving The Name of the Rose and so glad Caro came up with this readathon!

15:54 - I've finished "Fourth Day" and am exactly 66% of the way through. Really loving it! Here's my favourite quote so far:
Learning is not like a coin, which remains physically whole even through the most infamous transactions; it is, rather, like a very handsome dress, which is worn out through use and ostentatious. Is not a book like that, in fact? Its pages crumble, its ink and gold turn dull, if too many hands touch it. I saw Pacifus of Tivoli, leafing through an ancient volume whose pages had become stuck together because of the humidity. He moistened his thumb and forefinger with his tongue to leaf through his book, and at every touch of his saliva those pages lost vigor; opening them meant folding them, exposing them to the harsh action of air and dust, which would erode the subtle wrinkles of the parchment, and would produce mildew where the saliva had softened but also weakened the corner of the page. As an excess of sweetness makes the marrior flacid and inept, this excess of possessiveness and curious love would make the book vulnerable to the disease destined to kill it. 
What should be done? Stop reading and only preserve?
13:19 - Like Cassandra Mortmain of I Capture the Castle, I seem to have settled by the kitchen sink: sitting on the bench, one foot on the taps, the other crossed over and against the window sill. Trot's still out, but can see him very clearly (which is why I picked this spot to sit in!). Finished "Second Day", so on page 173, and according to Goodreads I'm about 35% through. All very quiet and peaceful here. Loving this book, so this is a perfect day!

11:39 - Got to page 114 last night, which was pretty much my goal. Now I'm up and about, had breakfast, Trot's in the aviary. Off to go read some more! It's going very well - absolutely loving it so far!

00:42 - Big C's back from work, we've watched two Coronation Streets, and now kettle is on. Three minutes time I'll be in bed with a coffee, biscuit, and The Name of the Rose!


  1. What a great book for a joint read over a weekend, just chunky enough for a challenge and one that's brilliant for comparing reviews. Have fun, you've prompted me to dig out my copy to re-read sometime over the summer!

  2. I've been wanting to read this book for ages - enjoy!

  3. It's so good to have you onboard! I hope you have a lot of fun exploring this book (also, I hope you have a truly delicious cookie!) :D

  4. There's something so fantastic about going into a book blindly, free from any expectations whatsoever. I admire your resistance in refraining from reading the back cover. I can never manage that and often go back to look at it for clues!

    I hope you're enjoying the novel so far. :)

  5. I'm just now getting started, but it sounds from your updates like it's going to be a good one. Enjoy!

  6. I'm so glad you love it so much :) I just started day 2, but it's a fantastic book so far.



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