Friday, 13 January 2012

This week.

I can't believe it's been a week since I last updated! It's been one of those weeks where I've had a lot going on, and yet achieved nothing of note and have more or less nothing to report. I haven't finished any books, I had total writer's block at the beginning of the week when I did have time, in the middle of the week I hurt my finger (I'll spare you the grim details, in short I thought I'd broken it, but it is no longer acting broken, so it must be fine), and now I have an hour or so to spare before we have Big C's daughter coming to stay for the night. I've hated not being able to update, so it's not to do with me losing interest in my blog. Just time.

I did, this week, buy my 690th book: I was most excited to discover a second hand book shop in town, which always appeared to me to sell tat, but I looked inside with Sandy yesterday and their classics selection is absolutely wonderful. I managed to buy some lovely editions of some Dickens books I was missing: hardback, leather bound, and £4 for both volumes of each book. I bought:
  • Dombey and Son (vol. 1)
  • Dombey and Son (vol. 2)
  • Little Dorrit (vol. 1)
  • Little Dorrit (vol. 2)
  • Martin Chuzzlewit (vol. 1)
  • Martin Chuzzlewit (vol. 2)
  • Nicholas Nickleby
I also started using my Goodreads account, which so far I'm enjoying (my profile is here), though I haven't had a chance to use it properly and see what my friends on Goodreads are doing. I'll be online hopefully for a decent amount of time tomorrow evening, so that will be my opportunity.

And, while we're on online housekeeping, I'm sorry I've not been able to respond to the comments left for me on various posts. I do like talking to people in comment threads, and I will respond (if I have time after this post I'll make a start!).

I must say, I am looking forward to a bit of quiet time over the weekend. I've been working through David Copperfield, which I do absolutely love still (though I do not absolutely love Dora, far from it). I would normally have finished by now, so I am feeling the negative effects of the 'chunkster reading', that is feeling like I'm dragging along behind everyone. That said, I am enjoying Dickens month and reading through his major works so much, I think this is my favourite project so far. I'm already thinking about which Dickens I'll start next (I'm particularly interested in Dombey and Son having read the back cover, it sounds very much like Hard Times, though I'm also quite excited about Bleak House and Our Mutual Friend. I remain, it has to be said, very unexcited about Pickwick Papers, but there it is. I have so much I want to read at the moment, and I am frustrated at how slowly it's all going.

Finally, this weekend, aside from reading Dickens, my chapter for Les Misérables, and some Ted Hughes, I want to give Jillian's post some proper attention, something which I've been wanting to do all week. She's written about reading the classics, and responding to the idea that this is better left for school or university. As someone who reads almost nothing but classics, this is something I feel I must respond to, and I've given it a great deal of thought since she wrote it. For now, it is a claim I hear a lot, and reading classics seems to be viewed as something you 'ought' to do, therefore not doing it is an act of rebellion. As I say, I have a lot of thoughts on the matter! Needless to say, I am completely and wholeheartedly with Jillian on this matter.

For now, I need to wash some mugs, then I'm going to read until Big C gets back. I hope everyone's had a good week, and I shall catch up with blogs, comments, and posting this weekend :)


  1. Wow, I just checked out your owned books list. You have quite the library!
    I'm having a bit of used bookstore perusal withdrawal. Unfortunately, such places are at least a 45 minute drive from where I live. The only Dickens that I've read to date is A Christmas Carol but yesterday I ordered a copy of Great Expectations and it's on the horizon for February.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. One of my nearest places is 44 miles, and the other about 20 so not so far. Thing is, living here where there's nothing, we *have* to go that far anyway for basic stuff (like, well, books! :))

      I hope you love GE :)

  2. Welcome back :)
    I'm glad you didn't lose interest in your blog (as I feared, but I'm a little paranoid..).
    God I wish I would own nearly as many books as you! I've got about twohundred, but since reading classics is a relatively new passion of mine only twenty or thirty of them are books I'm actually interested in reading, the rest are more or less without any value to me.
    Anyway, I can relate to your feeling of not having achieved anything very much! A week ago I expected to have finished A Tale of Two Cities and Macbeth by now, but this nasty thing called school keeps getting in the way so my only achievement so far is that I have read the first 50 pages of the Dickens and put the play off until next week.
    Success, right? ;)

    1. Thank you :) I remember when I was about 14 I said to my mum, "wow, I have 30 books now!" They grow so fast! Bulk of them are charity shop, v cheap.

      And yes, I know the goal isn't how many books, but reading simply for the sake of reading, however there is a slight sense of frustration. I think all these chunksters will slow me down considerably. I have a lot of thin poetry books and those Penguin Greats, which are around 100 pages, so I may yet get to my 101 goal for this year. Next year, however, 2013, I won't go for so many.

      Wow, am I really thinking about 2013 already?!

  3. I am dragging behind as a reader, too! Time is the enemy.

    I've missed your voice in the blogosphere this week, and I'm sending good throughts -- for the unsmiling finger and the writer's block!

    I'm so excited you're enjoying your Dickens project, especially since you started out not really caring for his work. There is hope for me yet!

    Thanks for the words on that post, o. x

  4. You're welcome, and thank you :)

  5. Love that you're reading the KVJ of the Bible, as I am, too. Your blog is quite beautiful, thanks for visiting me today! I can see we have much in common.

    1. Thank you :) How are you doing with Bible?

  6. Replies
    1. I <3 you, Jillian, it has to be said :)

  7. I am so behind on my reading this year. I can't seem to focus on much anything, and it's taking a toll on me. Oh well.
    I'm so glad you're loving David Copperfield. The book is absolutely wonderful and reading your tweets about it reminded me of how much I love it. I'll have to make time for a re-read soon.

    1. I'm not doing 100% with reading either. If you look at my page, sure there are 9 books, but look at the length of some of them!

      Finished David Copperfield and loved it, only problem is what I want to write about would spoil it for those who hadn't read it, and I don't want to do that. Not sure how I'll handle that...



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