Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Starting to wrap up.

I'll be headed into town tomorrow evening for the final food shop, and then again on Friday for the final present shop. And then, yes, I will be ready! Today and yesterday were spent doing the pre-Christmas clean, which resulted in a new reading space for me: I rearranged the furniture in the kitchen and put a seat by the stove. This will, in the new year, be replaced by a small sofa my mother doesn't want anymore. I'm so happy with this because the study is so very cold, and sitting with Little G the parrot isn't too good for concentrating!

And I do love this period. I like making lists of things (you may have noticed!) and I love buying presents. I've come online to figure out what to make for the Boxing Day lunch, but I've seen a great meme from Jillian (and no, I don't just like it because I'm mentioned in it! But that did make me very happy!), which I'll do in a separate post. I'm looking forward to the week between Christmas and New Year, too. The reflective period: I'm excited about writing about this year, looking back, thinking it all through, and then looking forward to 2012: the book challenges, the New Year's Resolutions, the "How I Will Be A Better Person" plans that fizzle out, or not, by February. I don't care if they do, Christmas / New Year week ought to be peaceful, reflective, positive, and inspiring, and I hope with all my heart that it will be for everyone reading this post. I feel like this period begins tomorrow, the first day of Winter. I'm not religious, but I do take note of Solstice and Equinox and like to feel "ready" for them with a clean house and a good attitude. I may not be ready for Christmas, but by tonight I will have my lists!


    1. I love the reflection winter encourages, too. Happy Holidays to you, o!! I am eager to read your survey post. ♥

    2. Thank you, I'm starting it right now :)

      And yes, I'm a firm believer that just because things may be sleeping outside doesn't mean things have to be sleeping inside! Perfect time for reflection :)

    3. Gorgeous, gorgeous post. I agree, Christmas and New Year, as well as the weeks immediately before and after, are so good for thinking. I like taking some time to reflect on the year I'm leaving behind and make resolutions and plans for the year that's coming. I like to think about the people and things I'm grateful for and appreciate Christ's sacrifice all the more for it. It's such a beautiful time and I love to absorb it as much as possible.
      Thank you for writing this post, I think I needed to read it :)

    4. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)

      You know what, though? There is a massive part of this post that was deleted: I came across two challenges I wanted to join, and I spent a while gathering titles (and making a mess of my desk!) and as I was doing it, I was thinking, "Is this wise?", so half way through I left it to work on my 2012 Challenges page. I then decided it wasn't wise at all and deleted the new challenges section!

      And yes, honestly, this is such a lovely time of year :)

    5. Amen to the fresh start, reflections, and New Year's Resolutions.



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