Saturday, 1 October 2011

1st October

Today looks how autumn should look: the tree outside my window has turned burned gold in colour, dry leaves are beginning to litter the street, smoke from people's chimneys mixing with the mid-morning mist over the forest in front of me, and I'm sitting with a cup of coffee and all the enthusiasm for the beginning of the month as I usually have. I'm happy, and I'm excited with my goals: I think I have good goals, perhaps not all achievable (I'm thinking about the diet goal specifically, it seems a big ask) but just putting the effort in will be reward enough and it's sure to get me to a good place, even if it doesn't quite get me to my lowest weight. I love new beginnings: Mondays, 1sts of the month, the New Year, and recently my goals have become much more structured in a way that I can tick them off and feel like I've really achieved something. I've never felt so thrilled by the 1st of the month.

I think a part of this has due to what  difficult months August and the most of September were. Things have settled, they're not as scary now, though I must admit they are rather trying at times. But it's manageable. Much more manageable. Everyone's safe, and that brings so much more peace and clarity to the situation.

And I love October. It's my favourite month.

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